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Is Stainless Steel Good for Making Jewelry?

Ever think about getting some fun, fake jewelry to spice up your look but wonder if stainless steel is the way to go? It can definitely add some sparkle but does it really hold up? Let me give you the lowdown on stainless steel bling.

So stainless steel is basically iron with chromium thrown in, sometimes with a bit of nickel too. That chromium is magic – it creates an invisible barrier so the metal doesn’t get ruined over time like other stuff. Makes stainless steel pretty hardy.

Hardness stainless steel material for making fashion jewelry from Azone

It won’t tarnish or rust like cheaper metals can, so it’ll keep that shiny new look for way longer. The downside is it might not be as lightweight or beautiful as other materials. But if you want affordable jewelry that’ll last, stainless steel could be a good pickup!

There are different grades and alloys of stainless steel – from 200 series (cheapest) to 300 series (most expensive).

difference for 200 series to 300 series stainless steel material compare from Azone

The higher the grade, the more nickel and chromium is blended for improved durability and hardness. Most common stainless steel jewelry is made from the cheaper 200 and 300 series stainless steel alloys.

Pros of Stainless Steel Jewelry


Stainless steel is significantly more affordable than precious metals like sterling silver, gold and platinum. This is because stainless steel is a base metal alloy that is easier and cheaper to produce. The raw material costs are lower and the manufacturing process is more streamlined. Stainless steel jewelry is such a budget-friendly option if you want to update your look without spending a fortune. The prices are so much lower than similar pieces in silver or gold.

It really saves you big bucks especially if you’re getting several accessories at once. Like you can stock up on a few trendy necklaces, bracelets, whatever without blowing your whole paycheck. The savings really add up fast.

Don’t feel like you need to splurge to have cute, sparkly jewelry. Stainless steel allows you to refresh your style without breaking the bank.


If you want jewelry that’ll stand the test of time, stainless steel is an insanely resilient material for the job.
The metal is seriously tough and hardwearing, making it ideal for pieces you wanna hold onto for the long haul. It can take a real beating without showing its age.

Other metals might break down or get worn out quicker, but stainless will keep that just-purchased shine even with tons of regular usage. Its alloy composition makes it very strong and resistant to bending, denting and scratching even with regular wear. Stainless steel does not expand, contract or deform easily like some base metal alloys. Its shape memory keeps it from losing its original structure over time. The chromium content also helps make stainless steel corrosion-resistant so it will not rust, tarnish or deteriorate quickly when exposed to typical environmental elements. All of these properties mean stainless steel jewelry can withstand many years of daily wear before showing noticeable signs of wear and tear.


Most grades of stainless steel contain fairly low amounts of nickel – typically below 5% – which makes them hypoallergenic for people with metal sensitivities. The majority of people will not have skin reactions or irritation from stainless steel due to its minimal nickel content. Meanwhile, sterling silver and other base metal alloys contain higher amounts (8-10%) of nickel that can trigger rashes, itching and inflammation in those with sensitive skin. One nice thing about stainless steel jewelry is that it’s generally quite skin-friendly. A big plus with stainless steel is that it’s generally pretty skin-friendly for most folks. Unlike some other metals, it shouldn’t cause any irritation. Plenty of jewelry types can sometimes flare up sensitivities, but stainless is usually pretty gentle.

No fear of your wrist or neck breaking out in a rash from wearing it all day long. The hypoallergenic side of things makes it a compatible choice for sensitive skin.

That hypoallergenic quality means stainless steel pieces are a safer bet when it comes to broad appeal and day-to-day wear. No worrying about reactions if you’ve got sensitive skin. You can feel comfortable having it on all day long. The hypoallergenic nature makes it a very wearer-friendly choice.

Low Maintenance

Stainless steel jewelry requires very little upkeep to maintain its appearance. See, the chromium in stainless steel creates an invisible protective film when exposed to air. This corrosion-resistant coating means the metal isn’t as vulnerable to tarnishing or discoloring as silver can be with regular use.

While sterling silver might start to look dingy after a while, stainless steel keeps its luster for longer. The chromium oxide barrier helps prevent that worn-down appearance that other jewelry occasionally gets. It just holds up well visually. This means you do not need to polish stainless steel jewelry as frequently.

On average, stainless steel accessories only require occasional polishing every 6-12 months to remove surface scratches and smudges. Sterling silver jewelry, on the other hand, typically needs polishing every 1-3 months to maintain its shine and prevent tarnish from building up. When it comes to everyday jewelry, stainless steel has an advantage in terms of upkeep. You don’t have to baby it as much as other materials.

Because it stands up so well to daily wear and tear, stainless steel pieces are lower maintenance than a lot of options. No constant polishing necessary!

You can just throw it on and go without worrying if it’ll still look good later. The durability means less fussing so you can just rock your accessories without a care.


There are tons of different looks you can achieve with stainless steel jewelry.

Whether you’re in the mood for something classic and understated or want a real showstopper, stainless steel has you covered. You’ll find options for edgier necklaces, stackable bracelets, distinctive rings and so much more.

It takes well to many designs so it’s perfect for whatever type of accessory you need. The versatility is great since stainless steel can handle anything from subtle everyday pieces to real statement jewelry. You can find trendy stainless steel bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings and anklets in multiple materials. Options include linked, beaded and chain varieties as well as sports and cuff styles. Stainless steel is also versatile enough to be shaped into intricate patterns, pendants and charms.

Stainless Steel Jewelry  5

With stainless, the possibilities are endless because it can really take on any vibe from boldest statements to shy, understated styles.

It’s moldable as hell so pros can cut, shape and texture it in infinite ways. The steel is malleable enough for intricate designs too.

Whether you’re after a real attention-grabber or simpler pieces, stainless allows for plenty of design versatility. Artisans can totally work it into any vision since it reacts so well under their hands and tools. That kind of customizable range guarantees there’s SS styles for every aesthetic out there.


Stainless steel jewelry tends to weigh noticeably more than other base metal alloys like nickel silver and brass. This difference in weight is often a desirable characteristic for some people who prefer a more substantial feel from their accessories. Stainless steel’s higher density makes jewelry items like bangles, chains and bracelets feel sturdier and better-made. Some folks really dig how stainless steel has some substance to it versus other lighter metals. There’s an ease that comes with the heft.

The weight can be hella soothing for people who find comfort in feeling anchored. It’s chill to fidget with or just have something sturdy on your person.

I know people who prefer items with some ballast because it creates a calming, grounded sensation. Stainless steel delivers that in a subtle way through its density. Meanwhile, the lighter weight of sterling silver and gold offers a more delicate and airy feel that isn’t always preferable. The variances in weight between different metal types allow people to choose jewelry based on the sensory experience they prefer.

Cons of Stainless Steel Jewelry

  • Dull Finish – Stainless steel tends to have a dull, brushed metal appearance compared to the shine of gold, silver and platinum.
  • Tarnishing – Over time, the chromium layer can break down and stainless steel jewelry can start to discolor and stain. Higher grade stainless steel is more resistant to tarnishing.
  • Magnetic – Stainless steel is magnetic which can lead to jewelry snagging on clothes. Jewelry boxes containing magnets can also damage stainless steel accessories.
  • Not for Sensitive Skin – While low nickel, some people with metal sensitivities may still react to stainless steel from prolonged wear. Skin contact testing is advised.
  • Bends Easily – Stainless steel is fairly malleable and can bend or warp out of shape more easily than hard metals like real silver and gold.
  • Scratch Prone – Despite being hard-wearing, stainless steel fashion jewelry does tend to show scratches and dings with use over time.

If you want the heft of something a little weightier without emptying your bank account, stainless steel jewelry is a solid choice.

It’s surprisingly affordable for how substantial it feels compared to other materials. You get that luxury look without the luxury price tag.

And while it’s not as lightweight as some other options, I kinda like how sturdy it feels. It’s especially nice if you’re rough on your jewelry – no worries about it bending or breaking easily.

So in the end, stainless steel is great if you love the feel of something heavier duty but can’t justify spending a ton. The quality is still there without breaking the bank. Just be aware of its generally duller appearance compared to sterling silver, the risks of staining and tarnishing over time and its tendency to bend or dent with rough use. Overall, stainless steel functions well as casual, everyday costume jewelry as long as you manage your expectations accordingly.

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