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Stainless Steel Jewelry

Unite Endurance, Brilliance, and Elegance

As an experienced stainless steel jewelry manufacturer, we manufacture luxurious stainless-steel jewelry featuring thick plating designed for hypoallergenic long-term wear. SGS, BSCI, and RoHS certify our products, ensuring they are free from lead, cadmium, and other heavy metals. We pride ourselves on our exquisite designs, offering customization options for materials, finishes, and logos.




Why Choose Azone

Low MOQ to Start Your Business

You can quickly enter a new market or launch your business with a small capital, thanks to our 50-100 low MOQ policy.

Easy to Work with

Approachable and experienced staff will guide you through our process and offer assistance throughout each step.

Fast Sampling within 1-2 Weeks

We offer a rapid sampling of your custom stainless-steel jewelry within seven days or a casting sample within two weeks.

Qualified to Enter any Markets

Our custom stainless-steel jewelry is RoHS, BSCI, SGS, and REACH certified as heavy metal, nickel, and lead-free. Your order of stainless-steel jewelry is certified to enter any lucrative market.

Competitve Prices to Earn More

We proudly offer high-quality stainless-steel jewelry at competitive prices. With our affordable range, you can increase your profits while providing your customers with exceptional jewelry pieces.

Unique Designs to Seize Markets

Create outstanding stainless-steel jewelry designs that will make your brand stand out. Azone Jewelry will give your business a global appeal that attracts various customers worldwide.

Gleam, Endure, and Outshine the Rest

Traceable silver

Recycled & Quality Stainless Steel

Our stainless-steel jewelry is made from recycled and certified materials, making our accessories last longer while reducing resource consumption.

Stainless Steel Jewelry Hanger

Long-lasting Plating

We utilize premium recycled stainless-steel plating that lasts for two years, resulting in durable jewelry with a beautiful design that will last for more than two years.

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Strict Quality Control

Trained workers create all stainless-steel jewelry in Azone's Semeta, BSCI, and GRS-certified factory, where we conduct regular QC inspections and tests.

Technologies that Set us apart

P02 S04 工人在做时尚首饰的整形

Where Excellence Takes Shape

Azone Jewelry collaborates with a metal casting factory to craft molds for Tiffany’s popular products. This enables us to create stainless-steel jewelry with exquisite shapes and flawless surfaces.

Metal casting allows for intricate designs, empowering you to curate a distinctive collection for your high-end brand.

Polishing Till Perfection

Our expert polishers create a smooth, reflective surface for our fashion jewelry, enhancing its visual appeal. With specialized techniques, we achieve a lustrous shine that captivates customers and attracts your target audience.


Crafting Your One-of-a-Kind Masterpieces


We have designers who can achieve limitless stainless-steel jewelry styles and shapes that match your concept.


Azone Jewelry can use different finishing processes like carving, engraving, and polishing, among others, to ensure your stainless-steel jewelry achieves its desired finish.


Choose from different platings for your stainless-steel jewelry, such as gold, silver, rhodium, and much more. Azone Jewelry only uses premium plates that have a long service life.


Our one-stop-shop customization service lets you include gemstones, beads, clasps, fasteners, and other accessories in your stainless-steel jewelry.


Innovative printing, engraving, embossers, and laser machines can incorporate your logo and branding onto your stainless-steel jewelry.


Azone Jewelry supports sustainable or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified packaging to cut down on landfill space and help your company achieve environmental protection goals.

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