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Quality in Every Single Piece

Experience impeccable craftsmanship and uncompromising quality with each and every piece of our custom fashion jewelry collection.

Unveiling Quality Behind Every Piece of Jewelry

Applying our advanced factory’s quality control to our experienced craftsmen’s traditional techniques results in consistently premium jewelry from any material and made into any custom style.

Certified Factory

Our factory’s REACH, GRS, and SGS certifications show our consistency in making premium jewelry.

Excellent Materials

We check with our suppliers to ensure our materials are free of lead, nickel, and other harmful substances.


Combining traditional and modern craftsmanship results in accurate, authentic jewelry befitting your brand.

Strict Quality Testing

Your orders gain easy entry to any region as our inspections guarantee a lower than 3% defect rate.

Consistently Crafting Excellence

Earning certification from REACH, SGS, and GRS signifies our eye for quality, care for our workers, and eco-friendliness. In every step of production, we check for quality issues and only ship fully-inspected items ready for delivery to your region.

Exclusively Premium Materials

We have a wide selection of gold, stainless steel, brass, silver, and alloy materials. Being located near premium material suppliers reduces production time and costs. Our materials are also tested for their durability and cleanliness to ensure our jewelry can be used long-term.

Ethical Sourcing
Working with reliable and top suppliers
Recycled & Traceable
Recycled gold, silver, brass, and more
Strict Quality Control
Heavy metal free, nickel free, lead free

Consistently Crafting Excellence


For 20 years, Azone has used traditional craftsmanship to add a layer of authenticity to every piece of mass produced jewelry. Our traditional techniques integrate molding for precise shaping of jewelry, polishing for high-end texture, and stone setting to enhance our jewelry’s appearance.

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Our modern technology for cutting, carving, and lasering cleans edges and removes any defects before delivery thanks to their precision and our greater control over our technology.

By extension, this means your brand has more flexibility to customize your jewelry to your liking.

< 3%

Defect Rate


Compliant Countries




Full Inspection

Thorough Testing from the Inside Out

Each piece of jewelry undergoes a thorough quality check, ranging from raw material and in-production testing to post-production or random inspections. Conducting as many as ten quality tests from start to finish guarantees that customers receive high-quality and defect-free products.

Excellence in Every Detail

To reach different regions, we test the raw materials that come in and audit our suppliers to ensure that our finished products comply with SGS, GRS, ROHS, and REACH. When we apply treatments such as electroplating and polishing, we maintain the good quality of our materials for your customers to notice.


We get the right shape for our jewelry by working with the Tiffany casting factory and its precise mold making process


Our polishing process adds shine to every jewelry piece to create a reflective surface for added visual appeal.


Through our plating, we prolong your jewelry’s plating for two years, resulting in a two-year warranty.


Our knowledge of finishings helps us choose the right one that can preserve your jewelry’s quality while fulfilling your desired look each time.

2 Year Warranty on Plating

We take pride in our product quality and offer a two-year warranty on electroplating. If any issues arise, please reach out to us for prompt assistance and reliable after-sales support. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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