Born of Love, Guided by the Heart

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Meet Azone

Azone is your caring and considerate expert in realizing your fashion jewelry brand’s design ideas so you can set trends and build strong connections within your market.

"Born of Love, Guided by the Heart"

Putting together the Chinese characters “Ai” and “Cong”, meaning “love” and “follow,” respectively creates Azone’s name. Our detail-oriented craftsmanship, care throughout the entire process, and dedicated assistance to your brand all convey the love felt in making our fashion jewelry.

Crafting Each Jewelry Piece with Love

Azone has served as China’s hub for quality fashion jewelry for over 20 years. We maintain independent stainless steel jewelry, brass jewelry, silver jewelry, and alloy production lines and handle one-stop product manufacturing and development to fulfill over 500,000 ODM/OEM orders monthly. Work together with our experienced team so your brand can set trends and blaze trails in your market lines.

A Legacy Since 2003

From 100㎡ to 3,000 ㎡

From a small workshop in 2003 to a massive factory area in 2010, Azone readily provides 500,000 pieces of jewelry monthly.

Through our expansion, we have multiple workshop areas to handle diverse tasks, resulting in more customized jewelry sets that fit unique business needs.

5-10-30 Years of Craftsmanship

Experience defines our team. Our CEO and his family have been engaged in the fashion jewelry manufacturing industry.

Each team member has around 10 years worth of experience. Our master craftsmen spent 20 years honing their molding and casting techniques to preserve traditional craftsmanship.

Honed Since Inception

Azone marries tradition with innovation to create the ideal production process for trendsetting fashion jewelry.

Traditional craftsmanship emphasizes detail and human uniqueness through our pattern work, while modern technology prevents quality defects with its accurate processes.

Quality is Our Culture

Azone’s quality-driven culture flows through our entire process, from auditing our material suppliers to ensuring workplace cleanliness for product safety.

Through our consistent efforts to test and inspect, our products maintain their SGS, REACH, BSCI, and ROHS certifications for easy, worry-free delivery to any region.Through our consistent efforts to test and inspect, our products maintain their SGS, REACH, BSCI, and ROHS certifications for easy, worry-free delivery to any region.

Guarantee You a Peace of Mind Purchasing



With rich overseas export experience and expert designers, we can guarantee a smooth experience with both startups and veteran brands to construct unique custom fashion jewelry or maintain consistent supplies.


With decades of experience, Azone’s team can understand the craftsmanship and processes required to realize your jewelry design and guarantee your order is fulfilled with no hassle.

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Extreme Fast

Promising to do it as fast as possible, Azone significantly lowers the production cycle time thanks to our streamlined production and capabilities to adapt to any custom requirement.


Matching the latest fashion trends, our jewelry line fulfills your brand’s vision for exquisite detail and quality. Blending our high-end carving technology with authentic traditional craftsmanship results in a product line that always sets the bar for jewelry fashion.

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Meet Azone's Family

Joining Forces for a Greener Future

Through our sustainable measures, we ensure that there is less pollution from waste and more material to be gained at the same time. Sustainability in our process supports the health of our customers and workforce while ensuring our jewelry’s quality lasts longer.

P05 1 ODM OEM Jewelry 多种精美包装


We ethically source materials from trusted suppliers, prioritize recyclable options, and adhere to strict environmental standards for proper resource disposal, minimizing waste.

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We prioritize workforce health and production efficiency. Our jewelry is safe, free from hazards, and ensures customer well-being.



By sourcing ethically and using recyclable materials​, we promote sustainable jewelry production, preserving the environment for future generations.

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