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Established in 2003, Azone Jewelry has emerged as a premier custom fashion jewelry manufacturer, specializing in transforming your exotic and luxurious concepts into reality. Our exquisite jewelry pieces embody our exceptional craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, garnering global acclaim and certifications from reputable organizations such as SGS, REACH, and BSCI. With our rapid sampling and low minimum order quantity of 50-100 pieces, we empower your brand to take a leading position within your target markets.

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Silver Jewelry
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Pioneers of Custom Jewelry Since 2003

Azone jewelry blends artistic innovation and fine craftsmanship, creating genuinely unique treasures that have captivated the fashion world since 2003. Azone’s team is also an expert in exporting and manufacturing exquisite jewelry, allowing you to access  your target market in no time.



Build Trendy and Affordable Jewelry Fast

40,000 Designs

Trendy Design


Crafting 40,000+ unique designs, we constantly unveil fresh styles, transforming your fashion dreams into reality.

40,000 Designs
7 Days Sampling

Fast Sampling & Production


In just one week, we can craft elegant jewelry. In two weeks, we can create detailed jewelry that requires metal casting.

7 Days Sampling
∞ Customized Options

Unlimited Options to Make Jewelry


Experience unlimited personalization: crafting unique, tailor-made elegance with limitless customized options. Your style is amplified.

∞ Customized Options
50-100 MOQ

Low MOQ & Competitive Prices


With a low MOQ of 50-100 pieces, unleash your creativity affordably with our chic, low-cost molding and custom-casting jewelry.

50-100 MOQ

Quality is Witnessed from Inside Out

p02 custom jewelry Recycled & Quality Materials

Recycled & Quality Materials

Experience guilt-free luxury with our chic and eco-friendly custom jewelry, boasting recycled, nickel-free, lead-free, and heavy-metal-free materials.

p01 S05 员工在做失蜡制造浇注

Refined Molding & Casting

Experience the epitome of style with our impeccably crafted designs, exuding precision, finesse, and sophistication through different molding and casting.

p02 S06 电镀场景

Lasting Plating

We use premium plating that lasts up to two years to achieve everlasting jewelry that graces chic-minded customers.

P02 S06 工人在做首饰的抛光

Meticulous Polishing

See the impeccable radiance of mirror polishing on your custom jewelry, where stunning shine meets chic, unrivaled sophistication, thanks to professional polishing.


Experienced Finishing

Experience elegance redefined in custom jewelry, exquisitely carved, meticulously engraved, and flawlessly finished fashion masterpieces.

p06 1 S05 员工在检查时尚首饰质量

Strict Testings

All custom jewelry we make guarantees the approval of strict fashion critics since we hold regular inspections and testing in our factory.

Make Your Jewelry Unique With:

With our extensive expertise, we craft timeless classics, current edgy trends, and even unique casting jewelry. Each piece is a statement, designed and produced with utmost precision, ready to captivate your clientele and enhance their style. Trust Azone to deliver the allure of exceptional jewelry for every fashion-forward wardrobe.


Any size, shape, or design, Azone experts can weave unlimited unique designs where your imagination is the limit.


Choose from a rich selection of luxurious plating to create unique custom jewelry, including gold, silver, rhodium, and much more.


Create timeless treasures with stainless steel, brass, silver, and other long-lasting materials for your custom jewelry.


Expertly engrave your logo or seamlessly blend it into the design of your exquisite custom jewelry.

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