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Brass Jewelry

Effortlessly Trendy and Premium Brass Jewelry

Made with premium quality brass, our jewelry is hypoallergenic and layered with thick plating for long-term wear. With a professional brass jewelry manufacturer like Azone, you can create unique brass jewelry in different styles, patterns, and finishes. Our thorough inspections follow SGS, BSCI, and RoHS standards to ensure sustainability and consistency in quality.





Why Choose Azone

Low MOQ to Start Your Business

With 50-100 MOQ, any brand can be sufficiently prepared without going beyond the budget, ensuring more profits are consistently gained.

Easy to Work with

Exposed to different trends, our experts can readily communicate with you about professional brass jewelry solutions suited for your region and brand.

Fast Sampling within 1-2 Weeks

Within 7 days, you can get an earlier sample for faster production, while casting takes 2 weeks to finish, all meeting your deadlines.

Qualified to Enter any Markets

Acquiring multiple audits and certifications from RoHS, BSCI, SGS, and REACH ensures that every brass jewelry set you order from us enters quickly into your region.

Competitve Prices to Earn More

Through our factory location and advanced technology, we maximize our resources to produce more brass jewelry at lower prices.

Unique Designs to Seize Markets

Azone offers you potentially limitless custom features to add to your brass jewelry, with various sizes, patterns, and accessories for greater recognition on the shelf.

Gleam, Endure, and Outshine the Rest

Traceable silver

Recycled & Quality Brass

Using quality-tested, recycled brass ensures your jewelry lasts longer while also being antibacterial and safe to use.

Stainless Steel Jewelry Hanger

Long-lasting Plating

We add quality plating to our brass jewelry to lengthen their service life by up to two years, which adds guarantee to your customers.

Employee Inspects Finished Jewelry 7

Strict Quality Control

Conducting multiple tests under strict and precise conditions enables us to reach our lower than 3% defect rate, thus fulfilling your requirements and international standards.

Technologies that Set us apart

P02 S04 工人在做时尚首饰的整形

Where Excellence Takes Shape

Working with a metal casting factory improves our capability to produce uniform jewelry molds that have a precise shape and bring out depth for many materials. This way, our molds leave no extra space to prevent creating excess scrap and save production time and costs.

Polishing Till Perfection

Our advanced polishing adds a clean, reflective surface and lustrous shine to your jewelry, attracting a wider audience right away. With our variety of polishing techniques, we can bring out your distinct patterns while making your fashion jewelry smooth to the touch.


Crafting Your One-of-a-Kind Masterpieces


Expert designers create 2D and 3D drawings to present all the details needed to realize your diverse patterns and other custom features.


Different finishing techniques, whether it be polishing, carving, or engraving, create unique effects that make your jewelry stand out in the fashion scene.


We realize long-lasting jewelry through our varied gold, rhodium, silver, and other plating options that protect against corrosion and moisture.


For added flair on your jewelry or customer convenience, we include various accessories, such as beads, claps, or fasteners.


Whether through engraving, embossing, or laser technology, our logo-making process delivers pinpoint accurate patterns on the surface of your metal jewelry to improve brand recognition.


Using FSC and other eco-friendly packaging reduces waste while ensuring your jewelry is safe from allergens and other hazardous substances while in transit.

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