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GRS Certified Factory

Our factories meet global standards in production and the safety of the workers as we produce high-quality jewelry for our local and international clients.

An A-Class Factory with Zero Worries, Nurturing Our One Planet. This is the Essence of AZONE.

– CEO Lion Zhang

A Means ACE Factory

Located at a jewelry production cluster bell, in Chang’an, Dongguan, China, our facility spans an area of 1500 square meters dedicated to producing top-notch jewelry. Certified by several organizations like SEMTA, BSCI, ROHS, GRS, etc. Azone produces some of the best custom jewelry known in the industry.

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Zero Worry about Quality

Zero Hazards - Materials

Made from the finest metals from top suppliers, we ensure our products are free from nickel and lead.

Zero Pollution - Plating

Our electroplating facility complies with the principle of no pollution and is certified with an environmental protection certificate making it eco-friendly

Zero Waste - Production

The facility uses sustainable and recycled materials and is equipped with a waste dust collection system ensuring we produce zero waste.

Zero Residue - Packaging

We are mindful of our impact on the environment, so we use eco-friendly materials in our packaging selections

Planet in Mind

An eco-friendly production is sustainable by supporting a consistent supply chain of environmentally friendly materials by partnering with top-notch suppliers and other connections.

People in Mind

We comply with the labor laws of the land by maintaining a healthy working environment with our workers have more than five years of service

Where Quality Begins

Azone’s production facility is equipped with the latest technology for making custom jewelry.

Our factory has adopted many advancements in the industry, making our production line fast and efficient without compromising quality. Our teams of designers and workers can produce top-quality jewelry by being housed in our modern workshops.

Explore the Excellence Behind the Scenes

Experience first-hand our modern facilities and our production process through our virtual tour.

Witness how we design trending jewelry with our design team. Have a sneak peek at our production line with the latest in jewelry-making technology by clicking the link.

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