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Custom Earrings

Hoop, Stud, Clip-on Earrings, or any Style

With a comfortable fit and eye-catching design, Azone’s custom earrings express your brand’s fashion with a fresh, contemporary style. Azone is your leading earring manufacturer, equipped with the latest technology, a wide factory  area, and experts that design and craft your detailed jewelry ready for global export. Contact us to boost your custom earrings business with a professional custom earring manufacturer.

40,000 Designs

Design with Expertise Since 2003

Along with experienced in-house designers, we work with overseas designers to help fulfill your specific requirements and align the design with your region’s preferences.

With new earring models released monthly, we continually offer more options for starter brands to help them get started in their business.

Craft Earrings Faster, yet Better

Channel your experimental drive with our customization process, which can match your fashion earrings with varied materials and patterns to your liking.

With an MOQ 50-100, our purchasing options can reduce trial and error costs and ensure you do not go beyond your budget.

1-2 Weeks Sampling
Less than 3% Defect Rate

Enter Any Market with Confidence

For comfortable and safe wearing, our fashion earrings are made with materials that contain no cadmium, lead, or other irritants.

All our inspections are conducted following SGS, BSCI, and RoHS standards to reach a defect rate lower than 3%.

Unparalleled Excellence at Every Step


Easy to Work with

Make standout collections, new designs, or custom designs happen with our experienced team.

Low MOQ to Get Started

At 50-100 MOQ, you can start setting up shop with a budget to spare for your business needs.

Cost Less to Profit

Spend less time and money with our fast-paced, strategically-placed factory.

Fast to Market

Bring your earrings out to the market earlier through our 15-30 day lead times.

Get in Touch with Our Experts

We value your privacy and safeguard it responsibly.