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Heritage Since 2003

With decades of experience in the industry, Azone remembers where it all started. As we take a look at our rich history in the industry and what the future holds.

"Continuing the Legacy of Custom Jewelry: Fusing Tradition with Cutting-Edge Technology to Craft Elegant and Timeless Custom Jewelry."

——Lion Zhang, CEO

2 Decades of Dedication to Fashion Jewelry

In the world of grandeur, craftsmanship defines jewelry’s quality, while diligent polishing crowns it with radiance and singularity. Methods such as electroplating, metal casting, and hypoallergenic materials can achieve timeless splendor. Fashion-forward jewelry demands profound expertise, which is a truth well understood by Mr Zhang. As the scion of a lineage of exceptional jewelers, Mr Zhang found his calling in the captivating jewelry-making process. His mission is not only to safeguard his family’s legacy but also to reimagine the global perception of Chinese jewelry.

Humble Beginning Since 2003


Started from Brass Polishing

From modest beginnings, our atelier finely crafts exquisite adornments from humble alloy and brass, polished to perfection.


Beginning from Scratch

Azone quietly grew with such majesty as we expanded our factory.

Investing in New Equipment

Azone obtained four casting machines, allowing the humble factory to create astonishing alloy and brass finished products.

Evolving From a Startup

Like natural crystals that grow, our factory grew from a small startup to a sizable operation.

Product Line Expansion

Elevating our craft, we ventured into stainless steel and silver production. Azone also graced the Hong Kong Jewelry Show with our presence.

Good Business, Good Relationships

We’ve cultivated lasting relationships from our grand jewelry debut, adorning fashion markets with our exquisite, timeless masterpieces.

Taking a Leap Going Global

Azone has been cultivating natural growth and enhancing our shimmering craftsmanship to build your global market development.

When Tradition Meets Innovation

With a competitive market and high demands, we adopt modern equipment for our production line to ensure fast and efficient mass production of products. We preserve traditional processes like lost wax casting, polishing, and more that can’t be replaced.

Exceptional Service is Our Core

As our business expands, we improve our services for our clients. Azone’s growth is because of our core customers’ loyal support and repurchases, making us grow from a small workshop to a leading company in the jewelry industry.

P07 2 S04 员工相互沟通,微笑,手上拿着时尚首饰

Moving Forward, as We always Do

In the ever-evolving world of fashion jewelry, we hold on to tradition while embracing innovation.

We refine our aesthetic through constant interaction with global luxury clients, persistently delivering uniquely fashionable pieces. Armed with advanced technology and market insights, we ensure our creations captivate brands, designers, and wholesalers’ target markets.

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