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A Journey of Our Jewelry

We meticulously shape, cut, and polish each piece in the Azone Journey. Professional jewelers intricately meld precious metals, set ethereal gemstones, and masterfully craft each design, bringing luxury and elegance to life.

Designing          |          Sampling         |          Sourcing         |          Manufacturing         |          Inspecting         |          Packaging & Delivery


Azone embodies allure and craftsmanship, the preferred chic brand. With 20 years of expertise, we bring your custom jewelry vision to life. Our captivating designs captivate customers, from classics to trends. We prioritize confidentiality, signing an agreement to protect your designs.

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Seeking inspiration for cost-friendly jewelry? Explore our breathtaking collections of bracelets, earrings, and much more for ideas.


Dream your design; we’ll materialize it with artisan precision and boundless creativity.


Bring us your design, and Azone’s master jewelers will transform it into an exquisite accessory.


Azone is capable of creating simplistic jewelry samples within 7 days. We can create a prototype for detailed jewelry that requires metal casting within two weeks.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting and engraving are revolutionary jewelry creation methods that add intricate designs without metal casting.

Metal Casting

An intricate jewelry prototype is formed by pouring molten metal into professionally built molds.

Wax /3D Printer

Knowledgeable designers turn your imaginative jewelry design from a CAD file into a 3D-printed figure.


Only the best raw materials can create fantastic jewelry that captivates millions, which is why Azone Jewelry has a mature supply chain consisting of the best suppliers across China.

With our reliable source of premium raw materials, we ensure your capability of delivering high-grade jewelry to any target fashion market.

Custom Jewelry Options


Backed by 20 years of crafting fine jewelry for different markets, Azone continues to grow our manufacturing prowess.

We have master jewelers with inherited traditional craftsmanship and engineers who utilize the latest modern equipment to create lustrous accessories.

Expect unbound creativity with unlimited design and streamlined production of incredible jewelry that satisfies your specifications.


Azone delivers high-grade jewelry that becomes the envy of the chic crowd, thanks to our dedicated QC team.

We do regular inspections and testing throughout each production step, ensuring your custom jewelry shines with your magnificent style.

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p06 1 S05 员工在打包装

Packaging & Delivery

Mother Earth deserves to be as beautiful as all the fashion-minded folks adoring our jewelry, which is why we support eco-friendly packaging for your stunning collections.

Choose from paper packaging, FSC-certified packaging, and biodegradable packaging to behold your unique treasures and catch the attention of your target customers.

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We value your privacy and safeguard it responsibly.