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What Exactly are Those Earrings With Flat Back Called?

Have you ever wondered what those earrings with the flat back are called? You know, the ones that don’t have traditional posts or hooks and instead have a flat backing. Well wonder no more, because in this blog post I’m going to explain the different types of earrings that feature flat backs.

Types of flat back earrings

The most basic and common type is called a stud earring. A stud has a flat back that is usually either screwed or tightly pressed on. Some key things to know about stud earrings:

  • The flat back helps the earring sit securely and comfortably in the ear without posts that can get caught on things.
STUD EARRINGS from Azone Jewelry manufacturer
  • Studs are ideal for everyday wear since they are discreet and don’t pull on the earlobe.
  • Material options for stud backs include stainless steel, gold or silver plated metals, and precious metals like 14k or 18k gold.
  • Studs come in a huge variety of styles from simple rounds or squares to embellished ones with crystals, pearls or charms.

Another type of earring with a flat back is the huggie style. As the name suggests, huggies hug the earlobe rather than going through it. Here are some huggie earring details:

  • Huggies have curved flat backs that wrap partially or fully around the back of the earlobe.
Huggie earrings
  • They tend to be more securely fitted than studs since the curve helps them grip the earlobe.
  • Huggies come in fun shapes beyond rounds like ovals, triangles or arrows.
  • Great for those with pierced ears that prefer the snug fit of no posts versus studs.

Not all earrings with flat backs clip on though. There are also earrings with posts and balls that have flat backs instead of traditional wire endings. These are often called:

  • French hook earrings – Have a flat back and curved wire “hook” that goes over the earlobe rather than through it.
French hook earrings
  • Lever back earrings – Feature a hinged lever on the flat back that opens to easily put on or take off the earring. The post stays securely in place.
Lever back earrings

So in summary – studs, huggies, French hooks and lever back earrings are all common styles of earrings that utilize flat rather than dangling wire backs. But they still come in abundant designs and materials to suit any jewelry style.

On the topic of materials, here are some further details on popular options for fashion jewelry flat back earrings:

  • Stainless steel – Durable, hypoallergenic and affordable. Great for daily wear.
stainless steel flat back earrings
  • Brass – More tarnishing prone than steel but can be antiqued for a vintage look. Cheaper alternative to precious metals.
brass flat back earrings
  • 925 Sterling Silver – 92.5% silver provides a luxurious shine that resists tarnishing better than brass or copper. Slightly more expensive than base metals.
925 Sterling Silver flat back earrings
  • Plated metals – Economical way to get gold, rose gold or silver tones. Look for thicker platings for longevity.
  • 14k or 18k Gold Fill – A mix of precious metal over a base enhances shine at a lower cost versus solid gold. Very tarnish resistant.

Here at Dongguan Azone Jewelry, we’ve specialized in producing high quality but affordable earrings with flat backs for over 17 years. As a fashion jewelry manufacturer based in China, we offer an extensive collection of studs, huggies, French hooks and lever back styles made from stainless steel, brass and 925 sterling silver.

Whether you’re looking to stock your own jewelry store, boutique or online shop, or source gifts for events – we’ve got you covered with on-trend basic and statement earrings in a huge range of designs. Don’t just take my word for it though, click the link and browse our website catalog to see just what we have on offer for fashion accessories with flat backs that your customers will adore. You can also contact one of our jewelry sales representatives if you need any samples or have larger minimum order questions.

I hope this overview of earring styles featuring flat backs was helpful!

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