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15 Best Fashion Jewelry Brands to Buy in Spain

The jewelry in Spain is just too stunning. Whether you’re looking for cute everyday accessories or a real head-turner piece, you will find the most incredible designers. I seriously saw fantastic brand after fantastic brand no matter where I went. And get this – I found a list of 15 top Spanish jewelry brands artists that are absolute must-sees. Their stuff totally nails that Spanish flair, you know? Unique, high quality designs that really encapsulate the vibe there. If you’re in the market to spoil yourself or refresh your look, check them out ASAP. The craftsmanship is unreal – you can tell so much love and care goes into each piece.


One of the most celebrated Spanish jewelry houses, Loidor

image 10
image 10

specializes in pieces that artfully blend bohemian and minimalist aesthetics. is known for their insanely intricate gold chain designs and pendants full of mystical symbols – there’s definitely a whimsical yet polished vibe going on. Their layered necklaces and charm bracelets seem to be the biggest hits, blending gold, silver and gorgeous gemstones in the coolest, most free-flowing silhouettes. You can tell so much thought and care goes into crafting pieces that are truly works of art.

Shop Loidor’s collection online or visit their boutiques in Barcelona and Madrid.

Maria Black

Gothic yet glamorous, Maria Black’s jewelry line

maria-black pearl jewelry collection

brings dark romance to the Spanish fashion scene. Pieces crafted from blackened silver feature skulls, spiderwebs, ravens and other motifs that relay the brand’s signature broody sensibility. Chokers, cuffs and stackable rings make daring yet delicate statement accessories. While edgy in spirit, Maria Black’s workmanship results in jewelry meant to last for years of wear.

Browse Maria Black’s collections at their studio workshop in Seville or various stockists nationwide.

Elena Velez

Delicate and dressy designs define Elena Velez’s jewelry. Intricate filigree work

Elena Velez jewelry manufacturer

and precious metals like white gold and rose gold lend an opulent feel while keeping silhouettes dainty and lightweight. Swarovski crystals, pearls and gemstones like aquamarine add pops of color and shine. Elena Velez pieces make beautiful gifts or additions to a formal jewelry box.

Shop Elena Velez online or at their boutique in Valencia.


With a focus on lightweight, playful styles, Aga!Pe

agape-studio jewelry collection

provides everyday jewelry options that won’t weigh you down. Dainty beaded bracelets, rings featuring layers of color and simple layered necklaces highlight the brand’s cheerful, carefree sensibility. Gold and silver tones plus vibrant colors like fuchsia, turquoise and mint offer something for every taste.

Browse Aga!Pe’s full collection on their website for shipping worldwide.

Chenoa Jewellery

Chenoa Jewellery focuses on jewelry with symbolism. Zodiac pendants, lucky number charms and pieces featuring kind sentiments make thoughtfully chosen gifts or self-purchases. Chain styles incorporate cable and herringbone links in gold and silver


for both modern and classic aesthetics. Quality seems to be huge with them too – their pieces are made to stand the test of time and hold up to everyday wear and tear. I can see why birthstone rings would be such bestsellers. Such a personalized touch and you know they’ll last for the long haul with Chenoa’s amazing craftsmanship. Definitely worth checking out if you want jewelry you can wear and treasure for years to come.

Shop Chenoa Jewellery online or at their Barcelona boutique.


Bright colors and shapes abstracted from nature inspire Amaranto’s fun and feminine designs. Bracelets link spherical beads in shades like emerald, royal blue and rose gold. Chokers feature blossoms and geometrics cut from leather, wood and acetate

Amaranto jewelry collection

Amaranto is one of Spain’s most unique jewelry brands – they really showcase bohemian, raw styles while still using high quality materials.
There’s definitely a carefree, organic vibe to their pieces but you can tell they put a lot of thought into sourcing top-notch gems, metals, etc. Free-spirited aesthetics with serious craftsmanship – that’s Amaranto in a nutshell. Hand-crafted pieces make colorful accents that can be mixed, matched and worn daily with ease.

Browse and shop Amaranto’s full collections on their website.

Flor et al.

For effortless pieces blending contemporary cool with vintage charm, look to Flor et al. Delicate initial pendants, constellation studs and mini hoops

Flor et al new jewelry in spain

comprise collections with intentional simplicity. Silver and gold vermeil materials hold up to daily wear while maintaining an understated luxe look. Bestsellers like layered necklaces offer layering options to personalize everyday outfits. Flor et al.’s designs feel made to endure as keepsake jewelry handed down through generations.

Shop Flor et al. jewelry based in Madrid online or at various stockists nationwide.

Mencía Cibeles

Mencía Cibeles takes a luxe, sophisticated approach with pieces for special occasions and beyond. Designs incorporate precious metals, gemstones and textured elements like engraved floral motifs for opulence. Statement rings nestle gem clusters, while delicate layered necklaces shine with delicate chains, pendants and dangling gems (INSERT IMAGE). Regardless of budget, discerning customers will find high-quality, lasting statement pieces from this Spanish jeweler based in the Basque Country.

Discover Mencía Cibeles‘ collection at top department stores or their boutique in San Sebastián.

Josefa González

Channeling bohemian spirit with a premium finish, Josefa González produces delicately unique jewelry works of art. Intricate embroidery, tassel and beadwork techniques transform materials like leather, raffia and gems into one-of-a-kind necklaces, cuffs and hair accessories

best jewelry seller in spain

. Pieces transition seamlessly from day to evening while retaining an eclectic style. Based between Madrid and Barcelona, the designer offers bespoke commissions as well as ready-to-wear collections spotlighting quintessential Spanish craft.

(INSERT LINK) View Josefa González’s latest creations and commission options on Instagram.


Established in 1975, Nihao carries on rich family traditions of silver artistry in Spain. Simplistic chain necklaces, huggie hoops and statement rings manifest the brand’s expertise, casting circle and link motifs in sleek 925 sterling silver

Nihao jewelry to buy in spain

. Engravings bring depth and detail to understated pieces made to stack, layer and pair for daily wear that stands the test of time. Customer favorites like floral infinity rings make sentimental stacking rings or anniversary gifts.

Stop by Nihao’s workshop and retail stores to browse collections crafted entirely in Spain.

Alma Delfina

Nature and magic inspire Alma Delfina’s collections, crafted between Barcelona and Sitges with Bohemian flair and finesse. Prayer beads, gemstone pendants and wrap bracelets feature mystical symbols, constellations, moon phases and more (INSERT IMAGE). Unique designs crafted from sterling silver, hematite, amber and labradorite make one-of-a-kind jewelry artwork meant to spark curiosity. Bestsellers include hand stamped pendants and multi-strand beaded necklaces suited for layered everyday styling or special occasions.

(INSERT LINK) Shop Alma Delfina’s eclectic collections online or at their Sitges studio boutique.

Ana Capilla

Modern aesthetics meet classical techniques at Ana Capilla’s ateliers outside Madrid. Elegant cuff bracelets, solitaire rings and layered necklaces gain shine from embedded gemstone mosaics or filigree engraving

new jewelry collection from Ana Capilla

incorporating diamonds, sapphires and more. Streamlined gold and sterling silver frames hold glamorous gem clusters in delicate balance. Special commissions offer bespoke designs made for cherished family heirlooms or celebratory milestones like weddings. Top-tier craftsmanship makes each piece a keepsake investment.

Contact Ana Capilla to browse collections or start a custom design project.

Pura Lopez

Clean, contemporary styles comprise Pura Lopez’s minimalist offering. Hypoallergenic 14k or 925 sterling silver serve as perfect backdrops for simple geometric shapes. Signature cuff and bead bracelets stack cohesively while sleek rings, studs and necklace pendants lend understated appeal

image 19

Collections meant for daily wear incorporate subtle textures, engraving and gem accents like moonstone and labradorite for depth without fussiness. Based in Madrid, the brand creates investment jewelry with enduring everyday appeal.

Shop Pura Lopez’s full collections online or at retailers nationwide.

As you can see, Spain offers abundant high-quality fashion jewelry brands uniquely reflecting the country’s cultural heritage and artisanal talent. Whether you choose statement pieces or dainty everyday styles, these designers yield investment accessories built to last.

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