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Copper Fishtail Earring Studs/Earrings

Copper Fishtail Earring Studs/Earrings

  • Fishtail design with elegant craft.
  • High quality copper with plating.
  • The pin of the stud is made of silver, you may fing out that it crooked because of the soft peculiarity, you can adjust it straight yourself.
  • The oxidation discoloration of electroplated products depends on the situation of usage,it’s also needs to be as far away from water, sweat stains and other chemicals as possible.

Product Specs

Product Name:

Copper Fishtail Earring Studs/Earrings


50-100  pieces


Copper 18k gold / Can be customized


Can be customized



Clear /Can be customized

Product Condition:

In-stock /Customization available


Can be customized

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